About Us

Meet Rana – Our Managing Director.

She is a female security boss making customers happy and safe, in a stereotypical man’s industry.

Rana, the Founder and Managing Director of Dakota Security, is already receiving rave reports for exceptional security, after a career spanning 25 years in Britain and America.

After growing up in South Dakota, Rana started her security career working for Axa Sunlife in Bristol, as the first ever female hired by national firm Pinkerton., then became one of the first female security guards hired by a leading American detective agency.

She then moved back to America and set up her own family firm in America in 1998.

Now she is back in the UK, determined to use her 20 years’ experience and unique security technology and ways to help thousands, where she has launched out to help businesses of all sizes to keep a safe environment, customers and staff.

My first boss told me that putting me in as a face would show other women that they can do security.

I never thought of myself of a security boss, just 103 pounds and 5 foot 11.

I have been bruised, beaten, battered and even bottled but I have loved every minute of my job. It’s just part of my job.

I’m absolutely passionate to help people to be safe, companies to have exceptional safety for their customers and staff, and for the world to be a safer place to be.

Rana Graham – Managing Director, Dakota Security

And the after-sales business of Dakota is exceptional with extra-mile over-communication to clients.